Terms and conditions

The buyer adheres wholly and entirely the terms and conditions of the company INTERNATIONAL AGATHA "AI" mentioned below and especially including a title retention clause.


These general conditions of sale are an integral part of our contractual stipulations. They are therefore automatically applicable to any contract of sale with the AI ​​company. The buyer expressly waives his own terms of purchase to the extent that they contradict these terms and conditions.

Article 2 CONTROLS

Any order placed by the buyer shall become effective upon its express acceptance by the AI ​​company. The AI ​​reserves the right to fix a minimum amount of frames for all account opening or any order placement.

Article 3 Prices

Prices are ex works. The products are supplied at the prices prevailing at the time of the order or the order confirmation. Sending rates is by no means a firm offer, the prices can be changed at any time without notice. The buyer is allowed to disclose any information to third parties regarding prices.


Shipments are following our possibilities by the mode of transport of our choice. Any purchase not contested by registered letter with acknowledgment delivery in 48 hours delay of receipt is considered fully satisfy the buyer. The AI ​​company is authorized to make global or partial deliveries. The merchandise travels at the risk and peril of the recipient.

Article 5 DELIVERY

Delivery times are indicative and not binding. A delay in delivery can in no case engage the responsibility of society AI, or give rise to damages, to withholding or cancellation of current orders. Are considered as force majeure events discharging Ai na

No obligation to deliver strikes, military and police operations, bombings, riots, transport disruptions, supply failure, natural disasters, fire and other local event unforeseeable and irresistible.

In any event, delivery on time can intervene only if the buyer has met its obligations to the AI ​​company.


Unless otherwise specified, the shipping costs, packaging (other than those provided for our products) and customs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Article 7 PAYMENT

In case of default, the company AI may suspend all deliveries of products ordered, to refuse any new order and to demand cash payment before delivery of all orders in progress and future.

Furthermore, pursuant to Article L441-6 of the Commercial Code, late penalties will be applied up to 3 times the legal interest rate and a fixed compensation of recovery costs 40 € per bill. Unless otherwise specified, no discount is granted for early payment.

Article 8 RETURNS

No returns will be accepted without written agreement of the company LOGO. Any return accepted for exchange or give rise to a credit with a possible discount of 10% restocking fee.

Article 9 WARRANTY

All models have a factory warranty of one year manufacturer under normal use, against the risk of breakage, under normal use. THE warranty does not brood defects or breakage resulting from accidents, misuse, tampering and unauthorized repairs. The warranty does not cover the consequences of a lack of maintenance, or normal wear and consequences of the frame of aging. The AI ​​company is not required to complete replacement of a mount.


The products representing a high-profile brand must be marketed in a manner consistent with the image of the brand. The AI ​​company can refuse to marketing of certain products from certain buyers.


All products sold are the property an AI company until payment of the full price in principal, interest and costs. The buyer is authorized to resell the products as part of its business, but may neither pledge them or transfer ownership as security. The resale authorization expires by law in case of bankruptcy or liquidation of the buyer's property assets. The non-exercise claim under this clause does not entail loss of property of said material. The claim may relate to the stock and the resale price not cashed by the buyer or financial institution.


In case of dispute, the Tribunal of Commerce of Bourg en Bresse is competent.