Our society

The company AGATHA INTERNATIONAL was created in March 2007. The latter is specialized in trading of eyeglass optics and solar brands.

Our company is based in Oyonnax town of plastics processing. If eyewear and ophthalmology are developed from the thirteenth century in Italy, it was during the 50 years that the design is emerging in the field of eyewear. The Oyonnax will then use the plastic molding and whose properties are suitable for the inventiveness of the creators. The bezel is no longer just a medical prosthesis, but it becomes a fashion accessory combines ergonomics and aesthetics. Today, if France is the largest producer of eyewear worldwide, ponds and businesses from Morez Oyonnax continue to be recognized worldwide for their expertise, the technical nature of their products and always innovative creations.

AGATHA INTERNATIONAL, now works with many suppliers in France and Europe, enabling it to offer a rich and varied choice with more than 60 different brands. Thus, we have established a close cooperation with our manufacturing partners to meet all their requirements and thus be able to offer some of the best brands at the best prices.

We are now present in many countries and are able through our logistics and our experience to deliver a single package or multiple pallets. Whether you are a wholesaler or retailer, we will adapt our offers to your needs.

We welcome you in our offices in Arbent, or we permanently store thousands of pieces. Our showroom focuses all available collections.

We also have a Paris showroom, where you can also view a wide range of our products.

Finally, you can consult our offers on our website. For this we ask you to fill in our form of identification that will allow us later to send you your password private.

Our philosophy

This is after working several years in the general destocking that I decided to create a fully dedicated to the telescope structure while remaining within my area of ​​expertise ie trading.

"The bezel is dressing the eye and is a real fashion accessory. Adorning multiple colors and materials, this product is more than fascinating and rich history"

Since its creation in March 2007, the company INTERNATIONAL AGATHA turned to export. I chose this direction by taste but also to offer my suppliers real dynamic solutions for their products discreetly and security.

My will is primarily to create a climate of confidence with my suppliers and my customers. The transparency and rigor are therefore fundamental elements of this policy. The simple commercial relationship is not sufficient and I prefer to use the term partnership because, in my opinion, only you go faster but together we go further!

On one hand, I offer my suppliers the security of a network and the other I allow my clients to benefit from the best brands at the best prices.

Since 2007 AGATHA INTERNATIONAL has continued to expand and modernize by investing in software, buildings and increasing its number of clients and suppliers.

New development projects are in progress and the future is full of promise. Labor and rigor are the key words in order to strive for excellence to better serve our partners.